Open source is basically contributing code by adding new features, fixing bugs and documentation to software where its code is publicly available. When I decided to begin my open-source contribution, I applied to Girl script Summer of Code (A 3 month long Open-Source program which aims at helping beginners get started with Open-Source Development). I started with learning Git and Github. I applied for gssoc in January and I got my application accepted on February 18th.

I joined the discord channel and found “announcements” channel and various project channels. The first week was community bonding period where contributors, mentors and project admins interact with each other and introduce themselves. After that they conducted events where they taught us about getting started with open source, open-source development for beginners.

There’s a great thing about this organization, here they let you choose your own project to contribute. Having learnt frontend development very recently, I was excited to contribute in that arena.

I suggested my ideas to add new features under a few projects. My idea of adding additional theme was found helpful to CrewMates-Open-Source/EduHelp. Then I had to fork their repo and add the feature and create a PR. After submitting my work, I received some constructive reviews through which I learnt a few things. Later I got my PR merged which caused a great deal of happiness.

Once my PR got merged it reflected on my profile and leader board. Since the issue I solved had a level 3 tag(max), I was awarded 45 points. The level tags are assigned based on the difficulty level of the assigned issue. Then I checked the leader board and found myself to be in the 112th position out of 5500+ participants.

While working on this issue which was assigned to me, I got an idea of adding multiple themes and styles which I proposed to pixel vibe team and got myself assigned under that issue. I also completed this assignment and created a pull request. I later on started working on two other issues.

Gssoc helped me learn and develop a lot as an open-source contributor. This journey helped discovering my interests in frontend development and open source contribution. The exposure was great, I also built a rapport with mentors and other participant and got to know about the projects they are working on. I developed the practice of accepting the ideas, encouragement and help of other people and vice-versa. I am already so excited in contributing again next year and also engaging in various other open source programs.

Thank you.